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tsb 1883 syrup

1883 Syrups

Produced in the French Alps for over 130 years, 1883 de Philibert Routin offers world-class beverage flavoring. 1883 de Philibert Routin is widely recognized as the greatest beverage flavoring product line made for professionals.

Available Flavors: 1 litre bottle (33.8 oz.)

Almond French Vanilla Peppermint
Amaretto Gingerbread Pomegranate
Apple Green Mint Popcorn
Apricot Hazelnut Pumpkin Spice
Banana Irish Cream Pure Cane Sugar
Blackberry Kiwi Raspberry
Blueberry Lavender Roasted Hazelnut
Blue Curacao Lemon Rose
Butterscotch Lime Salted Caramel
Caramel Macadamia Speculoos
Chai Tea Mango Strawberry
Cherry Maple Tiramisu
Chocolate Melon Toasted Marshmallow
Cinnamon Mixed Berries Toffee Crunch
Coconut Orange Vanilla
Cranberry Orchid Watermelon
Dulce de Leche Passion Fruit White Chocolate
Elderflower Peach  


tsb-1883 sugar free syrup

1883 Sugar-Free Syrups

Discover these essential flavours, guilt free! All of the same famous quality as the original styles, but without the sugar... or the guilt!

Available Flavors:

Vanilla Caramel Hazelnut


tsb-monin gourmet syrups

Monin Syrups

Whether you choose Monin's French Vanilla Syrup, their Pumpkin Spice Syrup, or anything in between, you'll love our highly concentrated, completely authentic flavors and globally recognized quality.

Available Flavors:

1 litre bottle (33.8 oz.) or *750 ml bottle for select flavors

Almond Gingerbread Peppermint
Amaretto *(750 ml) Hazelnut Pumpkin Spice
Blackberry Irish Cream Pure Cane Sugar
Blueberry Lavender Raspberry
Caramel Mango Salted Caramel
Cherry Orange Strawberry
Cinnamon Peach Toffee Nut *(750 ml)
Coconut Peanut Butter *(750 ml) Vanilla
French Vanilla    


tsb-monin gourmet sugar-free syrups

Monin Sugar-Free Syrups

Get ready for flavor so rich, it’s hard to believe it’s guilt-free. Monin's Sugar-Free Syrups add rich, smooth sweetness to lattes, cappuccinos, unique cocktails and desserts. Allergen Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Halal, Kosher, No Artificial Colors, Non GMO, Vegan, Zero Calorie

Available Flavors:

1 litre bottle (33.8 oz.)

Caramel Hazelnut Vanilla


tsb-hollander cafe sauces

Hollander Cafe Sauces

Dutch Chocolatier, Hollander, has created a line of sauces with a rich history and tradition of excellence. Made with Pure Cane Sugar, All-Natural flavors, 100% Trans-Fat Free, No High Fructose Sugars, and Kosher certified.

Available Flavors:

64 oz Bottles

Sweet Ground Dutched Chocolate Sweet Ground White Chocolate Classic Koffiebar Caramel


tsb-biadgi sauces

Biadgi Gourmet Sauces

Gourmet sauces to give added flavour and texture to your drinks and desserts. Especially conceived for flavouring coffees and other hot drinks.


Available Flavors:

Chocolate Caramel White Chocolate


tsb-monin sauces

Monin Gourmet Sauces

Premium ingredients and time-tested recipes create the perfect blend of tradition and flavor. Add a finishing touch that brings decadence and luxury to your desserts and beverages with Monin Gourmet Sauces.

Available Flavors:

Dark Chocolate Caramel White Chocolate
Dulce de Leche *(special order)    


tsb-monin sauces

Hollander Cafe Cocoas & Frappé Powders

A great hot cocoa or frappé is a delicate balance of rich, refreshing, and endlessly indulgent flavors. Luckily, we’ve taken all the hard work out of making a perfect frappé. With high quality ingredients and the finest ground Dutched cacao, all you need to worry about is serving your masterpiece.

Available Flavors: (25 lb. box)

Sweet Ground Dutched Chocolate Cocoa Sweet Ground White Chocolate Premium Dutched Hot Cocoa
Chocolate Frappé White Chocolate Frappé Masterpiece Base, Extra-Dark, 78% Cacao Powder


tsb-ghirardelli sweet ground chocolate

Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate

They are one of very few American manufacturers that make chocolate starting from the cocoa bean through the finished product, taking special steps to ensure that their premium chocolate delivers that signature intense, smooth-melting chocolate taste.




tsb-tropics natural infusions

Tropics Natural Infusions

Tropics is a Flash-Frozen 50% fruit puree' product, known for its high fruit solids content. All of their berries are Pacific Northwest grown and are very distinguishable when sampled against others.

Available Flavors:

Peach Banana Wildberry
Raspberry Strawberry Mango
Lemon Ice Passion Fruit Ice Cream
Pina Colada Non-Fat Yogurt Orange-Pineapple
Pink Guava Mojito Margarita

Frappe Powders


tbs-Mocafe Frappe Powder

MoCafe' Frappe Powder

MoCafe' gourmet frappe mixes are made using select exotic ingredients for maximum flavor and yield to create the best tasting Frappe available. MoCafe' frappes contain no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, added colors, trans-fat or hydrogenated oils.

Available Flavors:

Arctica Frozen Chocolate Chai-Vanilla Toffee Mocha
Azteca Mexican Spiced Cocoa Green Tea Matcha Vanilla
Caramel Latte Java Chip Vanilla Bean
Chai-Spiced Original Frappé White Chocolate


tbs-Cafe Essentials

Cafe Essentials Frappe Powder

Baristas and home users alike all agree that Cafe Essentials produce the professional results they demand, designed with quality ingredients and contain no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, added colors, trans-fat or hydrogenated oils. 

Available Flavors:

Neutral Base   Horchata


Tea, Chai & Cider


tsb-Harney & Sons Tea

Harney & Sons Hot Tea Tins

John Harney is master tea blender whose clients include Williams-Sonoma, the Ritz-Carlton, Neiman-Marcus, and some of the finest restaurants in the United States.

These decorative tins each contain 20 silk sachets of the world's finest teas.

Available Flavors:

Blueberry Green Tea Earl Grey Supreme Pomegranate Oolong
Peppermint African Autumn Citron Green
Winter White Earl Grey English Breakfast Hot Cinnamon Spice
Paris Vanilla Camoro Yellow & Blue
Darjeeling Chamomille Holiday Tea
Peaches & Ginger Ginger Tea Black Currant
Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Mint Cherry Blossom
  Green Tea w/ Coconut  


tsb-Harney & Sons Hot Tea

Harney & Sons Hot Tea Boxes

Each box contains 20 individually wrapped silk sachets for quick and easy preparation.

Available Flavors:

Chamomille Darjeeling Earl Grey Supreme
Organic English Breakfast Organic Assam Organic Green
Hot Cinnamon Spice Japanese Sencha Mint Verbena
Paris Pomegranate Oolong Rooibos Chai
Ceylon Organic Yerba Mate Organic Bangkok
  White Vanilla Grapefruit  



Harney & Sons Iced Tea Foodservice Pack

Iced tea is the most popular way to make tea in the USA. So we made sure we had the best tasting tea. The natural sweetness tastes great when served over ice, and you can add garnishes or flavors. 

Each case contains two dozen (24) 3.5 oz. pouches of premium ice tea for fresh brewing (3) three gallons.

Available Flavors:

Plain Peach Passion Fruit
Mango Black Currant Decaf Red Raspberry


tsb-Harney & Sons Iced Tea

Harney & Sons Iced Tea One Gallon Brews

Each case contains fifty (50) 1 oz. pouches of premium ice tea for fresh brewing (1) one gallon.

Available Flavors:

Plain Decaf Red Raspberry Tropical Green
Mango Black Currant Peach
  Org. Green w/ Citrus & Ginkgo  


tsb-David Rio Chai

David Rio Chai

Chai is the perfect median between coffee and tea, earning its rightful place on café menus, and David Rio Chai is the premier chai known worldwide as well as at home.

Available in four 4 lb bulk bags per case

Available Flavors:

Elephant Vanilla Tiger Spice Tortoise Green


tsb-Mountain Spiced Cider

Mountain Hot Spiced Cider

Hot spiced cider is perfect for those non-coffee drinkers. This 100% all natural alternative is a big hit in coffee houses and restaurants all around the world.


Oatmeal & Protein Pucks


tsb-Protein Puck bar

Protein Pucks

Meal Replacement Bar - Natural Energy, "Food is Fuel... March On!" (Gluten Free, GMO Free, Vegan, Zero Trans-Fats, Zero Cholesterol, Dairy and Egg Free.) In three delicious flavors.

By the case.

Available Flavors:

Peanut Butter / Almond/Cranberry Almond Butter / Dark Chocolate Paleo - Sun Butter / Coconut/Almond


tsb-Miss Louanne's Oatmeal Squares

Miss Louanne's Oatmeal Squares

Each Miss Louanne’s Oatmeal Square is crafted using only the highest quality, gluten-free, non-GMO, whole-food ingredients, yet also takes the taste buds on new adventures with every bite. With the richness of dark chocolate and apricots, the heartiness of pecans and oats, and the subtlety of coconut and molasses, this square can both satisfy a sweet tooth and give you the energy needed for a marathon. Enjoy this square frozen, at room temperature, or heated.

By the case (12).

Available Flavors:

Original Oatmeal Squares White Chocolate - Raspberry (Coming Soon) Lemonberry (Coming Soon)


tsb-Modern Oats Oatmeal

Modern Oats Premium Oatmeal

Modern Oats are made from superior high quality, color sorted kilned, whole groats which are minimally processed by steaming and flaking . These oat flakes provide a textural differences that give our oats a more solid bite which makes it ideal for optimal absorption of nutrients. Taste the difference!

Available Flavors:

Apple Walnut 5 Berry Mango Blackberry
Coconut Almond Nut & Seeds Goji Blueberry
Just Oats (Plain)   Vermont Maple


Pacific Foods Barista Series Milks


tsb-Soy Milk and Almond Milk

Pacific Foods Barista Milks

Using the highest quality whole organic soybeans and other ingredients because what you start with makes all the difference. Just a clean, crisp milk flavor that's healthy, low fat, delicious and enriched with calcium and vitamins A & D.

Available Flavors:

Plain Soy Milk Vanilla Soy Milk Almond Milk
Coconut Milk Hemp Milk Original Chai
  Spicy Chai  


Sugar and Sweeteners


tsb-ecostick sweeteners

Eco Stick Sweeteners

Since its introduction half a century ago, your sweetener barely changed. Now, a few small tweaks change everything. The elegant design of new ecoStick sweeteners saves space, reduces waste and delivers the same great taste. Each ecoStick uses less packaging than traditional sweeteners, creating a sleek appearance and reducing our carbon footprint by over 47%.

Available Sweeteners:

Green - Stevia Pink - Sacharine  
Yellow - Sucralose Blue - Aspartame  


tsb-Maui Raws Sugar

Maui Raws Sugar

Turbinado Natural Cane Sugar retains natural molasses in the crystals to create the natural sweetness of paradise. Natural Cane Sugar is crystallized from freshly-extracted cane juice for a natural taste that evokes the rich earthiness of Maui.

Available Sugars:

Turbinado Sugar Packets White Cane Sugar Packets Turbinado Sugar Bulk


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